Magma is a restaurant integrated in the tourist resort Lava Homes, created to provide the catering service to its guests but also open to the general public. It's a home-made restaurant, with people accustomed to making homemade food.

It has a varied menu, with a typical regional dish of Pico on each day of the week - Lapas, Sausage and Morcela fritas or Fava of the Feasts as starters;  Beef Stew or Fried Pork Chuncks,  Octopus stew in red wine or the Feijoada baked with honey and  Albacora (tuna) in the oven are examples of main dishes. This menu allows the traveler to taste our delicacies, prepared by those who know well how to cook them.

On the other hand, we wanted to try a few different dishes, such as the Aveiro-style Soup of Fish, a Linguine with shrimp with creamy tomato sauce, and our now famous very tender steaks with Verdelho sauce or with Honey of Incense sauce, to give alternative of choice to the tourist and to satisfy the curiosity of the palate of the people here. Come and try it!