Santo Amaro is a parish in the municipality of São Roque do Pico , with 12.70km ² of area and 288 inhabitants (according to the 2011 Census). Throughout the centuries , this parish was, by tradition, the main naval shipyard of the Azores. The expert and calloused hands of masters turned twisted trunks into boats , boats ,Trawlers and other fishing vessels and passenger transport. With ancestral techniques were made elegant and fast boats.

In this parish there is a place not to be missed, the Regional School of Santo Amaro, located on Rua do Mar. This school, which is also the Santo Amaro School of Handicrafts, contains an exhibition center for rural daily life.

This locality has as high points Chã do Pelado and the Planalto da Achada .


Pico is an ideal island to stay while visiting the neighboring islands of Faial and São Jorge. There is so much to see and do! The Faial is easy to visit, it is a mere 25 minutes by boat from the village of Madalena. You can find the boat times that connect Pico / Faial several times a day, every day at www.atlanticoline.pt , also do not miss the opportunity to visit São Jorge and you can find in the same Atlanticoline website the careers, although less frequent, of about an hour's drive to this equally wonderful island. The boats depart from São Roque or Madalena.

On what to visit in the Triangle, you will find many suggestions, contacts and photographs invisitazores.com/">www.visitazores.com Do not miss the opportunity "three in one" to see the whole Triangle.


We are happy to assist you with ideas on what to do and visit during your stay. Please browse through the pages below for suggestions for activities inside and outside of Lava Homes and useful contacts.

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Natural swimming pool

If you want to enjoy the natural pool of Caisinho, it is only 1.2km away from Lava Homes, yet with the advantage of always going down there. 


Here are suggested some of the many things you can do and places to visit on the island. In the pages that follow you will find useful contacts to make them.

  • Observation of dolphins and cetaceans
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Boat trips to see the coast
  • Tours and walks
  • To surf
  • Picnics in the island's natural parks
  • Tower Cave (Lvvic Tube)
  • Swimming in natural lava pools
  • Ascent to Pico Mountain - visit to the Mountain House
  • Protected Landscape Area of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture - World Heritage Site - UNESCO.The Pico Island Vineyard Culture Landscape is a UNESCO classified site since 2004, comprising an area of 987 hectares on the island of Pico, the second largest of the Azores archipelago. Also visit your Interpretation Center and taste the verdelho wine.
  • Lagoons (Captain's Lagoon, Lagoa do Caiado, etc.)
  • Back to the Island along the coast - to appreciate the beauty of parishes and lava formations, wineries, natural pools, etc.
  • Center for Interpretation of the Culture Landscape of the Vineyard of Pico Island
  • Santo Amaro Craft School
  • Museum of Whalers, in the village of Lajes
  • Whaling Industry Museum, in the village of São Roque
  • Wine Museum in the village of Madalena
  • Fort of Santa Catarina
  • Visit to the Center of Arts and Sciences of the Sea (installed in the old factory of the whale SIBIL).


About the Fauna and Flora of the Island http://siaram.azores.gov.pt

Dolphin and Whale Watching and Sea Tours:

- Talassa Space

9930 Lajes do Pico

(+351) 292672010


- CetaceanWatching Lda.

(+351) 292622622

(+351) 911133658


-Pico Sport Ltd

(+351) 292 622980

(+351) 292 623761


Diving, boat rides

mobile (+351) 914 587 121

Email pedves @ gmail.with


Address: Escola Diving Center, Portinho de Santo Arnaro, 9940-154 São Roque do Pico

- Frank Wirth

9950 Magdalene

Pico Island / Azores / Portugal


Boat Fishing:

- DBM AZORES - Sport Fishing Charters (São Roque do Pico)


- Deep sea fishing


Diving, boat rides

mobile +351 914 587 121

Email [email protected]

http: //www.wix.com / pedves / cowfish-dive-center

- Boats for hire - Fishing excursions

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