Evolution Retreat

Welcome to the Evolution Retreat, a unique and incredible experience towards your true self.

In one of the most beautiful islands in the world with an amazing team of highly experienced and professional facilitators...this is a lifetime experience that YOU deserve.

The magic of the AZORES islands and the blissful location of LAVA HOMES, combining with an AYURVEDIC diet made by one the most amazing Portuguese Chef are the perfect combiniation for you to choose this experience.

Get ready for it...this is unique!

Below you can check the full schedule of the retreat. We designed the week in a way for you to have nice breaks and time for yourself.

If you are reading this and if your soul is resonating, dont wait, go for it. Investing in yourself and coming to a retreat is the best thing you can offer to you...because you deserve this.

Come and join us for a unique lifetime experience.

You will be able to experience...

In this 5 days you will have the opportunity to STOP and REST, to FEEL and HEAL...and finally to NOURISH yourself.

  • YOGA classes by Silvia Leiliani will bring a sense of balance and union
  • MEDITATION and RITUALS with Tomas Mello Breyner will be like a coming back to your most pure essence
  • SOUND HEALINGS with Master Angelo Surinder will tune your Body, Mind and Spirit through the divine frequency of sacred instruments
  • MASSAGE THERAPIES with Igor Libanio will restore you, bringing a deep feeling of relaxation *

    During the retreat we will also have the opportunity to hike and discover some of the magic natural spots of this island


    * Extra price, not included in the retreat package


    Retreat Price: EARLY BIRD - Bookings are done 30 days before the retreat starts.


    Full SeaView

    1.680€ Total *

    Partial sea view / garden view

    1.520€ Total *

    * Retreat, Accomodation, Meals and Transfers, all included

    Retreat Price: Bookings done within last 30 days before Retreat starts


    Full SeaView

    2.100€ Total *

    Partial sea view / garden view

    1.900€ Total *

    * Retreat, Accomodation, Meals and Transfers, all included

    Meals: Nourish Yourself

    Meals will be brought to you by Francisco Basílio.

    Francisco's food aim is to nourish and ignite vitality, perceiving nutrition holistically, as everything you intake and considering different latitudes of food.

    Mostly plant Based, although with no fundamentalisms, his kitchen is eco-friendly and sustainable, respecting zero waste philosophy, concentrated on local, seasonal and fresh products, giving preference to what he calls nutraceuticals - low mass to a high concentration of nutrients, in order to promote energy instead of wasting it during its digestion.

    Francisco follows Ayurvedic principles such as "we are not what we eat but what we digest" and therefore promoting Agni - primordial fire; is a constant factor on his gastronomic line.

    His cooking can also be described as international, inspired on different cultures and techniques, from Ayurvedic, Japan, middle east to a vegetarian re interpretation of Portuguese gastronomy.

    Francisco sees cooking as an act of love and promoting consciousness, being food, as well, a vehicle for cultural wisdom, activism, medicine and Art.


    Tomás de Mello Breyner

    Tomas Mello Breyner, born in 1988, is an experience Portuguese yoga and meditation teacher.

    During his youth he has travelled, mainly in Mexico and India, studying
    the roots of this ancient practice. In 2014 he founded one of the most beautiful yoga centers in Portugal: Comporta Yoga Shala.

    He’s also the author of the book “O Pequeno Buda – why kids should meditate” and in 2016 created the project O Pequeno Buda that has been teaching meditation to thousands of kids all over the portuguese schoools.

    With more than 750h of certified yoga training and many
    retreats as a particpant and organizer also, Mashyan will guide you carefuly between the manifested and the unmanifested world in this magical retreat.



    Ângelo Surinder 

    Ângelo Surinder is passionate about healing sounds. In the last 15 years he has done a lot of research, worked alongside the best international Masters and shared this wisdom with thousands of people all over the world and in Portugal.

    Throughout his career he has performed hundreds of Concerts, Performances, Gongbaths, Yoga classes and meditations, in private and public events, at Fairs, Festivals, Congresses, individually and in a therapeutic context.

    He also co-created Cosmic Gong, an International Academy of Sound and Vibrational Therapies that offers Sound Healing trainings, healing sessions and all the necessary tools.


    Silvia Leilani 

    Silvia began her Yoga studies more than 20 years ago.

    Her love for Yoga began as a connection to the physical aspect (she finished her studies as a physical education teacher in Germany in 1999) and matured into a spiritual journey and even a lifestyle.

    She studied with many different renomated Yoga teachers, has been completing her 500 h teacher education and has been studying Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India.

    Silvia's teachings are rooted in authenticity. She is humbled and honoured to teach what she has learned, therefore her classes focus on providing an experience that is physically, mentally, and emotionally transformative.

    She delivers the most creative and uplifting classes and workshops with a depth of experience that is rare and uses her lighthearted and playful approach to encourage people to practice to the fullest and at the same time always encourages her students to become masters in trusting in their intuition whilst moving, finding the exact right dose of practice for this moment


    Igor Libanio

    Early kid I realised I loved to travel and touch others souls.

    Doubting of what this meant I picked my backpack, subscribed a bunch of trainings around the sphere and for 10 years I devoted my soul to the journey of healing embodying 59 countries over 2 world tours. Got a big "burn out" and felt separated from myself until once I was watching the sacred spiral and fractal movements of the sun and planets. Each piece represented to me a single discipline dancing gracefuly with each other keeping this universe in full motion but all connected, so did I.

    I invite you to come and step into this space dance. Bliss 

    Therapist: @igor.libanio.terapeuta

    Place: @comporta.yoga.shala

    Model: @martacaraslindas_revolution

    Francisco Basilio, a Chef - a Gastronaut and a Surfer.

    Francisco Basilio was born in Portugal, Lisbon, and started studying psychology after high school, but soon realised that transforming reading nature into food cook was his thing, as it would place him between men and nature, being able to create synergy, balance and art and understanding agriculture, chemistry, and health. Soon he starts to travel around the world learning new cultures, gastronomic landscapes and techniques. At the age of 25 he travelled to India by mistake, or happy incident, and got acquainted with Indian Cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine.

    Can’t miss a opportunity to have a chat with the goats pastor and check were are the best waves in the moment.

    Always very respectful towards Ayurvedic medicine, practice the received ancestral knowledge through cooking and conversations.

    After experiencing living in multiple parts of the world, now shares the love of living in his small farm with his wife, daughter and animals.

    Cooking is an act of Love, bringing together people realities – culture, health and Art/creativity as a form of (self)healing.



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