Invest in Yourself

16th of January to 21st January

13th February to 18th February

With Tomas Mello Breyner, Silvia Leilani, Angelo Surinder and Igor Libanio

Come to the week-long retreat


Have you ever been only with yourself for a long period of time? Have you ever took time to deal with whats going on inside you? To STOP, and reset your system? Since millions of years that our ancestors went alone in journeys to discover who they really are.

Spending time alone, and coming to a retreat is the best gift you can offer to yourself.

After participating many years in silent retreats, Tomas Mello Breyner, decided that this is the time to bring this ancient tecnique to society. This retreat was designed for those who want to try for the first time this kind of experience, something easy and flow for beginners.

Combining the silence with the liquid fasting, this is the best way to clean and energize yourself. During the days of the retreat you will only drink juices, specifically made to detox your body. You will feel better, lighter, with a calmer mind and in union with yourself.

Offering yoga classes, sound journeys, ceremonies, ecstatic dance, rituals, therapies, and more!

You will be able to experience

  • Sound healing
  • Yoga practice
  • Nature walk and ritual
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Lecture sacred texts (dhammapada)
  • Who am i? Meditation
  • Offering to mother earth- hike in pico
  • Breathwork Pranayama
  • Free time
  • Circle of love meditation
  • Celebration dinner
  • Ayurvedic workshop, preparing lunch



Introduction circle

Sound healing


Yoga practice

Nature walk and ritual

Kundalini yoga

Lecture sacred texts (dhammapada)


Yoga practice

 Ayurvedic workshop, preparing lunch

Who am i? Meditation



Yoga practice 

Offering to mother earth- hike in pico

Breathwork Pranayama

Free time


Yoga practice

Free time

Circle of love meditation

Celebration dinner

***free times open to book massage therapies with Igor Libano



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Meals: Nourish Yourself

Meals will be brought to your by Francisco Basílio.

He cooks the most delicious and pretty food that we can experience. He finds the most unusual local delicacies and bring to you the most amazing food degustations.

Thoughout the whole season, in every retreat, you will have some interesting kitchen Conversations

- Sacred Digestive Fire - The importance of digestion in health and well-being: we are not what we eat but what we digest

- Ayurveda - the art of living and the science of self-healing - an ancestral technology brought to the present day in a "user-friendly" format and preventive medicine;

- Vegetable protein - nutraceuticals - the key substitutes for animal protein;

- Functional nutrition for athletes (Show Cooking)

You will be able to go through some Workshops / Cooking classes

- Traditional Portuguese reinterpreted

- Ayurvedic cuisine

- Healthy snacks to receive at home

You will experience Sensory dinners

- The five senses explored in a gastronomic experience, integrated in a "liminal" session in which the senses are put to the test through blind tests, synesthesia and vulnerability, stimulating and promoting the sense of the Now


Tomás de Mello Breyner

Tomas Mello Breyner, borned in 1988, is an experience Portuguese yoga and meditation teacher.

During his youth he has travelled, mainly in Mexico and India, studying
the roots of this ancient practice. In 2014 he founded one of the most beautiful yoga centers in Portugal: Comporta Yoga Shala.

He’s also the author of the book “O Pequeno Buda – why kids should meditate” and in 2016 created the project O Pequeno Buda that has been teaching meditation to thousands of kids all over the portuguese schoools.

With more than 750h of certified yoga training and many
retreats as a particpant and organizer also, Mashyan will guide you carefuly between the manifested and the unmanifested world in this magical retreat.

Ângelo Surinder 

Ângelo Surinder is passionate about healing sounds. In the last 15 years he has done a lot of research, worked alongside the best international Masters and shared this wisdom with thousands of people all over the world and in Portugal.

Throughout his career he has performed hundreds of Concerts, Performances, Gongbaths, Yoga classes and meditations, in private and public events, at Fairs, Festivals, Congresses, individually and in a therapeutic context.

He also co-created Cosmic Gong, an International Academy of Sound and Vibrational Therapies that offers Sound Healing trainings, healing sessions and all the necessary tools.

Silvia Leilani 

Silvia began her Yoga studies more than 20 years ago.

Her love for Yoga began as a connection to the physical aspect (she finished her studies as a physical education teacher in Germany in 1999) and matured into a spiritual journey and even a lifestyle.

Being involved in dance and different athletics all her life, she has always been a movement creator and very innovative in expressing throughout the body.

She studied with many different renomated Yoga teachers, has been completing her 500 h teacher education and has been studying Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India.

Silvia Leilani, Yogi Mum, dedicated surfer, Motivational Speaker, conscious and constant creator of life changing experiences dedicated her life at all times being on the search for new movement insights that can bring healing into our traumatised body structures.

Silvia's teachings are rooted in authenticity. She is humbled and honoured to teach what she has learned, therefore her classes focus on providing an experience that is physically, mentally, and emotionally transformative.

She delivers the most creative and uplifting classes and workshops with a depth of experience that is rare and uses her lighthearted and playful approach to encourage people to practice to the fullest and at the same time always encourages her students to become masters in trusting in their intuition whilst moving, finding the exact right dose of practice for this moment

In love with life

Certified Hatha Yoga since 2004

Founder Asanalove / Beyond Hatha Yoga

Founder Space for Movement

Movement creator

Chef Francisco Basilio

Francisco Basilio was born in Portugal, Lisbon, and started studying psychology after high school, but soon realised that transforming reading nature into food cook was his thing, as it would place him between men and nature, being able to create synergy, balance and art and understanding agriculture, chemistry, and health. Soon he starts to travel around the world learning new cultures, gastronomic landscapes and techniques. At the age of 25 he travelled to India by mistake, or happy incident, and got acquainted with Indian Cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine.

Being able to be our own doctor and achieve that with the power of food was just amazing, in his opinion. And transforming the kitchen in a pharmacy was set as the new goal for the traveller chef. A trip that was supposed to last 1 month and half turned into a long journey of 7 months. He closed his restaurant (Big Blue, Sesimbra Marina, Portugal) and shifted his kitchen pantry.

Mixing together Psychology, Gastronomy and this beautiful ancient holistic medicine seemed to him a perfect triangle to change his path and position towards food. After all, the rhythm, ego war and the fever of Michelin stars were not satisfying him the most, and it made more sense for him to think about healthy or nourishment stars and help people (and himself!) making the right choices and cook them by themselves. This process’s one of the most therapeutic since it brings men to earth, to grow, collect, transform and offer goods and food to others. Cooking our own food grows consciousness and, in the end, we can make healthy, freaking pretty, delicious and Gourmet.

Question is, modern nutrition shows statistically, what’s good and bad. Ok… So, why then does everyone keeps on doing same mistakes?

Using Ayurveda´s holistic matrix and separating primary food from secondary food (being the primary food the relationships we have, the attitude in life, our partners, our sexual partners, our sleep, our spiritual development and activities, physical activities, emotions, basically, and, secondary: food, the food itself, it’s proved that if primary food is on its best, intuition grows, the body intellect gets accurate and smart choices take place, intuitively, don’t giving way for mind cravings and emotional hunger.

Ayurveda helps understanding cosmos and create consciousness for a great marriage between the microcosms (our physical body) and macrocosms (the environment where we live) - leading to health maintenance; for a balanced, peace-full, mindful and nourished life.

Good Food Good Mood

Nowadays, Francisco divides his time in between learning and teaching Ayurveda, community projects with schools and WHO (World Health Organization) developing social reintegration and psycho-physical rehabilitation.

Cooking is an act of Love, bringing together people realities – culture, health and Art/creativity as a form of (self)healing.

Book Now: +351 292 241 200 [email protected]