Awaken to a Higher Self Retreat


We are a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm and we are encoded with all the information in the universe. “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” said Hermes Trismegistus, quoted as the founder and pioneer of alchemy.

On this Retreat you can connect, cultivate, and commune with the living essences of the planets within you, for deep transformation and empowerment, in one of the most powerful environments considered by National Geographic as a hidden jewel of the world (Pico island in Azores).

You will be able to experience...

In a 5-day journey


you can explore your own microcosmos and awake to a Higher Self, through

  • SOUL-BODY PRACTICES, (Pilates, Yoga, Chi-Kung)
  • DANCE (Ecstatic Dance, 7 Chakra Dance)
  • TANTRA PRACTICES (Breathing exercises,Tantra Flow, Balancing Divine Masculine and Feminine)
  • SHAMANIC JOURNEYS (with Shamanic Drumming)

From limiting patterns to personal growth, from fear to love, awakening soul potential and the living strengths and gifts that live within you.

Why come to this retreat

  • to feel your whole being awake and alive with blissful energy running through you
  • to feel a Living Cosmos within you
  • to awaken personal power and to be grounded in your life path
  • to recognize and embody your Divine Masculine and Feminine
  • to release old patterns that have kept you stuck, so you can be the architect who manifests your dreams
  • to live a magical alchemical experience on the enchanted land of Açores
  • to explore the territory of your heart, mind, body, and soul and lead others by example
  • to feel Archetypal Activation, Transformation, & Empowerment
  • to commit to your highest expression, personal power and ownership of your Soul potential
  • to be surrounded by nature, calling you back to your natural state of being
  • to deepen your intuitive knowing and trust
  • to tap into higher frequencies of love, sensuality and divine connection within your holy vessel
  • to interact and engage with planetary archetypes with the wholeness of your Self, in a multi-dimensional way, expanding the living strengths and gifts that live within you



To secure your place at the Retreat, please call

+351 292 241 200 (9 am to 11 pm)

or email us to

and we will get back to you

Total vacancies per Retreat: 20

20th to 25th March16 places left
27th March to 1st April           6 places left

Prices and Reservations

Early bird: Bookings done before December 20th


SHARED ROOM (2 people)

Full SeaView

1.900€ Total *

Full SeaView

1.800€ Total *

Partial sea view / garden view

1.700€ Total *

Partial sea view / garden view

1.600€ Total *

* Retreat, Accomodation, Meals and Transfers, all included

Retreat Price: Bookings done after December 21st


SHARED ROOM (2 people)

Full SeaView

2.100€ Total *

Full SeaView

2.000€ Total *

Partial sea view / garden view

1.900€ Total *

Partial sea view / garden view

1.800€ Total *

* Retreat, Accomodation, Meals and Transfers, all included

Payment Methods: Paypal or Bank Transfer

Payment Conditions: 50% on reservation date and 50% 30 days before arrival

Credit Card: Via TPA

Book Now: +351 292 241 200

Nourish Yourself

Meals will be brought to your by Francisco Basílio.

Francisco's food aim is to nourish and ignite vitality, percieving nutrition holisticly, as everything you intake and considering different latitudes of food.

Mostly plant Based, although with no fundamentalisms, his kitchen is eco friendly and sustanable, respecting zero waste philosophy, concentrated on local, seasonal and fresh products, giving preference to what he calls nutraceuticals - low mass to a high concentration of nutrients, in order to promote energy instead of wasting it during its digestion.

Francisco follows Ayurvedic principles such as "we are not what we eat but what we diggest" and therefore promoting Agni - primordial fire; is a constant factor on his gastronomic line.

His cooking can also be described as international, inspired on different cultures and techniques, from Ayurvedic, Japan, midle east to a vegetarian re intrepertation of Portuguese gastronomy.

Francisco sees cooking as an act of love and promoting cosnciousness, being food, as well, a veichle for cultural wisdom, activism, medicine and Art.


Ana Teresa Silva

The last 30 years, Ana Teresa crossed several professional areas, as a Journalist, Award-Winning Writer (7 published books), Creativity Trainer, NLP and Personal Coach, PSYCH-K® and Energy Medicine practitioner, Aura Reader, Biodanza and Meditation facilitator.

Passionate about the Arts as catalyst for change, and evolving consciousness, her work is focused on enabling people to master and expand their inner light, find balance and experience great health, love and joy in their lives.

Every project that she creates is a way of sharing. In 2008, for example, she founded IM Magazine, an international digital magazine, to cover the best things in the world for a better world. For 10 years, she interviewed inspiring people all over the world (including great authors like Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Neale Donald Walsh, Masaru Emoto, Mark Williams, Barbara Fredrickson or Sir Ken Robinson) and shared online.

She also founded The Journey Portugal with courses, workshops and retreats, to support and inspire others to awaken to the next level of their magnificence and enable the collective to come together in love, peace and oneness.

Akshi Coelho

Akshi is a therapist and facilitator who dedicates his life to supporting people to expand their consciousness and remind them of their true essence.

His journey of self-discovery took him to study, learn and practice with many gifted teachers and healers all over the world. He has lived and studied meditation, Body Therapy (Ayurvedic Massage and Conscious Touch), Tantra and Energy Healing for more than 10 years.

His fascination with music, contemporary therapeutic techniques and ancient healing rituals led him to create unique experiences designed for touching people’s bodies and hearts and supporting them in their healing, personal growth and spiritual awakening.

He is co-founder of the One Love Institute, a project dedicated to supporting and inspiring people to awaken to their true essence and potential through experiences, one-on-one sessions and workshops.

Isabel Borges

Woman, Daughter, Human, Nature. Always connected to nature, plants and the sacredness of the animals. The heart has always shown me the path of Service in healing, in emotions, in human transformation. I believe in the transmutation of pain into love and in the magical ability we have to self-heal and die to be reborn. Through self-care, internal commitment and connection with the divine that dwells within us. I have been working as a Psychologist since 2011 and my personal and professional path led me to awakening. I immersed myself in the sacred feminine, in the power of meditation, in the understanding of energy and in coherence for the rescue of our essence. 

Shamanism lives in my heart and in my body, and so I am a pilgrim on the path of truth and beauty. I am a spiritual therapist and facilitate circles; retreats; support women in their healing through natural gynecology. I work with medicinal plants and live the permaculture of the earth and the soul. Committed to the forgiveness and union of the masculine and feminine, to anchor the New Earth.

In the Unit I AM, WE ARE.

Lily Serafim

Lily Serafim is a therapist fascinated by the body and its capacity to heal itself and re-connect ourselves with our true Essence.

She has been walking on the path of healing for 25 years, researching and studying different methodologies.

On her path she was trained in Ayurvedic Massage, Active Meditation, Sacred Feminine Path, Bioenergetic Therapy, Pulsation, Yoga, Tantra, Arun Conscious Touch and Prana Healing.

Besides all the trainings, she was able to dive into her meditation experience by living the daily life in Ashrams and communities around the world.

Her passion is to support people in their processes of self- discovery while bringing more awareness to their lives.

Today, her work is to share and offer what touched her heart:

meditation, which brings the art of being in the present moment; Tantra, which teaches the simplicity of relaxing by means of accepting what you are; Sacred Feminine Path: supporting women to rescue and live the sacred feminine in them; and Conscious Touch, which means to share with another from a space of presence and love.

Nowadays she is co-founder of One Love Institute, guides events and retreats and share individual sessions in Europe and Brazil

Pedro Rodrigues

Pedro is a spiritual being having a human experience. father, son, brother, friend, lover of nature, the arts, beauty and knowledge of the mysteries of the universe.

between 2010 and 2012 I rediscovered myself with the spiritual world thanks to my children, those great teachers of life, children.

human being licensed in the school of life, scientist of life, experimenting, making mistakes and learning, expanding consciousness. available for service in truth and love for others, sharing my mistakes and awareness.

facilitator of circles and retreats, event creator, more than 20 years working in communication and design, facilitator of various therapies: reiki, multidimensional therapy, iphoenix, practitioner of shamanism, thetahealing, alchemical breathing among others.

I believe in the potential of human beings and that all beings are unique and special, all life is sacred, and with joy and lightness my purpose is to create safe spaces where those who feel excluded, feel they belong and everyone can be in truth and coherence the best version of themselves, so that they can recognize their personal power, and so that they can balance body, mind and spirit and live in more harmony.

I am what I am.

Sara Costa

Sara graduated in Physiotherapy in 2009, however from an early age she is aware that we are much more than a physical body. We are body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Eternally curious about herself and the world around her, she has always sought more knowledge (nutrition, epigenetics, personal development, emotional intelligence, chakras, reiki, multidimensional therapy, etc.) that allows her to help others in their process, which is where she feels more at home and in fulfillment of her greater purpose.

She's the author of a book, trainer, clinical pilates and global postural reeducation teacher (adapted to self done postures), and yoga practitioner. In this retreat you can find a mixture of all this so that through the body you can experience your multidimensional being.

Francisco Basilio, a Chef - a Gastronaut and a Surfer.

Francisco Basilio was born in Portugal, Lisbon, and started studying psychology after high school, but soon realised that transforming reading nature into food cook was his thing, as it would place him between men and nature, being able to create synergy, balance and art and understanding agriculture, chemistry, and health. Soon he starts to travel around the world learning new cultures, gastronomic landscapes and techniques. At the age of 25 he travelled to India by mistake, or happy incident, and got acquainted with Indian Cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine.

Can’t miss a opportunity to have a chat with the goats pastor and check were are the best waves in the moment.

Always very respectful towards Ayurvedic medicine, practice the received ancestral knowledge through cooking and conversations.

After experiencing living in multiple parts of the world, now shares the love of living in his small farm with his wife, daughter and animals.

Cooking is an act of Love, bringing together people realities – culture, health and Art/creativity as a form of (self)healing.


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To secure your place at the Retreat, please call

+351 292 241 200 (7am to 11 pm)


or email us to

and we will get back to you

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