The Sacred Dance of Shiva & Shakti

During this 5 day non-dual journey with Peter you will


  • Be immersed in silence, guided meditations, inquiry into the "true tantra" of Awakened embodiment, sexuality and the authentic actualisation of the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine. 


  • The daily schedule also includes morning qi gong sessions, evening restorative yoga, ecstatic dance and much more. 


  • This retreat will be a shared experiment in the evolution of consciousness and culture, and its transformative impact depends on the commitment and passion of everyone involved.

You will be able to experience...

In this retreat Peter will first lead participants on a journey of Awakening into the Eternal, Transcendent Consciousness, Being or Heart, that is radically Free and untouched by all that arises and passes away.

Once that ground is significantly established, the collective journey will expand to embrace Awakening - as unique gendered individuals - to a Creative Process of Spirit-in-Action. Through Meditation, Dialogue, Qi Gong, Dancing Down the Light and other modalities Peter will facilitate a living exploration of "The Sacred Dance of Shiva & Shakti".

This dynamic potential emerges when men and women discover, surrender to and embody their masculine and feminine poles with a depth that radically transcends all the reactivity and drama of social conditioning, and especially the postmodern 'war of the sexes' and its depolarization of the genders.

There is an increasing interest in alternative spiritual culture in 'Tantra', the 'Divine Feminine' and 'Sacred Masculine', however as broadly positive as these developments may be, it is Peter's conviction that Tantra and an Awakened embodiment of the dynamic polarity of Shiva & Shakti, are rarely understood and actualized with true ego-transcending depth and authenticity in western alternative culture.

Peter's approach to this theme will be not theoretical, but will be sourced in the groundbreaking insights, revelations and embodied discoveries of the Awakened Life Men's Collective and the Awakened Life Women's Creative, which he will draw upon to fuel the shared exploration.

As a participant this retreat will demand that you bring an open mind and heart together with a real willingness to be challenged, to take risks and to transform. This retreat will be a shared experiment in the evolution of consciousness and culture, and its transformative impact depends on the commitment and passion of everyone involved.

This retreat is only open to 20 committed participants and it will ideally be balanced between 8-10 women and 8-10 men.


On this retreat you will explore and experience:

  • 2 days of Silence, Guided Meditation and Q&A sessions on Awakening to Transcendent Consciousness here and now
  • 3 days of exploration through dialogue and group practice into Awakened embodiment, sexuality and actualization of the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine
  • Daily Qi Gong Sessions
  • Dancing Down The Light
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Delicious Vegetarian Meals
  • Massage available (at extra cost)

Prices and Reservations

Early bird: Bookings done before April 1st 2023


Full SeaView

1.900€ Total *

Partial sea view / garden view

1.700€ Total *

* Retreat, Accomodation, Meals and Transfers, all included

Retreat Price: Bookings done after April 1st 2023


Full SeaView

2.100€ Total *

Partial sea view / garden view

1.900€ Total *

* Retreat, Accomodation, Meals and Transfers, all included

Meals: Nourish Yourself

Meals will be brought to your by Francisco Basílio.

Francisco's food aim is to nourish and ignite vitality, percieving nutrition holisticly, as everything you intake and considering different latitudes of food.

Mostly plant Based, although with no fundamentalisms, his kitchen is eco friendly and sustanable, respecting zero waste philosophy, concentrated on local, seasonal and fresh products, giving preference to what he calls nutraceuticals - low mass to a high concentration of nutrients, in order to promote energy instead of wasting it during its digestion.

Francisco follows Ayurvedic principles such as "we are not what we eat but what we diggest" and therefore promoting Agni - primordial fire; is a constant factor on his gastronomic line.

His cooking can also be described as international, inspired on different cultures and techniques, from Ayurvedic, Japan, midle east to a vegetarian re intrepertation of Portuguese gastronomy.

Francisco sees cooking as an act of love and promoting cosnciousness, being food, as well, a veichle for cultural wisdom, activism, medicine and Art.


Peter Bampton

Peter is a co-founder of the Awakened Life Project, spiritual teacher, author and (r)evolutionary. 

Author & Teacher of The Fire of the Heart
Co-Founder of The Awakened Life Project
Founder of Awakened Life Men's Collective
Founder of Evolusa - Um Movimento de Reconhecimento e (R)Evolução da Alma Portuguesa

Follow my adventures and writings as I research my next book:

In Search of the Portuguese Soul

Francisco Basilio, a Chef - a Gastronaut and a Surfer.

Francisco Basilio was born in Portugal, Lisbon, and started studying psychology after high school, but soon realised that transforming reading nature into food cook was his thing, as it would place him between men and nature, being able to create synergy, balance and art and understanding agriculture, chemistry, and health. Soon he starts to travel around the world learning new cultures, gastronomic landscapes and techniques. At the age of 25 he travelled to India by mistake, or happy incident, and got acquainted with Indian Cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine.

Can’t miss a opportunity to have a chat with the goats pastor and check were are the best waves in the moment.

Always very respectful towards Ayurvedic medicine, practice the received ancestral knowledge through cooking and conversations.

After experiencing living in multiple parts of the world, now shares the love of living in his small farm with his wife, daughter and animals.

Cooking is an act of Love, bringing together people realities – culture, health and Art/creativity as a form of (self)healing.


Coming together as men and women within the Awakened Life Sangha has been a truly profound journey. When I ask myself why that is, I can only say because we don't stop at what we know. We are constantly looking beyond conventional norms and because of that we are discovering each other and ourselves always new and fresh.

The way I look at masculinity and femininity today has nothing to do with the way I looked at it 10 or even 2 years ago. I am so relieved to let go of a false sense of strength and superiority towards men. Through that I have been discovering a softness and power that is not controlling but rather surrendering and that can embrace the qualities that men have to offer.

Pete has been instrumental in facilitating that shift within our collective Sangha and also within me personally. He is holding a space where we can explore pretty much everything without taboo. This is very important to get to the root of things. I have witnessed countless times how through that something is set free collectively and we are all lifted beyond limitation and separation to a higher level of consciousness.

Sandra, Germany

I met Pete in 2009 and I have been his student since 2010! I can sincerely say that "my life" has changed enormously since and that he has been a very big part of this transformation.

Pete has also changed a lot since we met and I can say that he is definitely not a conventional teacher. This is one of the things that I found most difficult to deal with in the beginning, because of the many ideas I had about how a Spiritual Path should look, but with time I learned to appreciate that his responses are tailored to each individual and put us directly in contact with what is Real! Today I recognise that his honesty, fearlessness and relentless passion for freedom here and now, truly give him the capacity to pierce through the hard shell of the ego and touch the deepest and most profound spark of Truth in our Hearts. I have been witnessing many radical transformations in many other men and women, that like me value his leadership, experience and uncompromising devotion to what is most Sacred in Life.

Ricardo, Portugal


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