Santo Amaro is located in São Roque do Pico, with an area of 12.70 km² and 288 inhabitants (according to the 2011 Census). Over the centuries, this village was the main naval shipyard in the Azores. The experienced hands of masters transformed twisted logs into boats, motorboats, trawlers and other fishing and passenger transport vessels. With ancestral techniques, elegant and fast vessels were made.

In this village there is a place not to be missed, the Regional School of Santo Amaro, located on Rua do Mar. This school, which is also the Santo Amaro Handicraft School, contains an exhibition center for rural daily life.

This locality has as highest points the Chã do Pelado and the Planalto da Achada.


Pico is an ideal island to stay while also visiting the neighboring islands of Faial and São Jorge. There is so much to see and to do! Faial is easy to visit, just 25 minutes by boat from the village of Madalena. You can find the timetables for the speedboats that connect Pico/Faial several times a day, every day at www.atlanticoline.pt, also don't miss the opportunity to visit São Jorge and on this same Atlanticoline website you can find the routes, although less frequent, of about an hour's drive to this equally wonderful island. Boats depart from São Roque or Madalena. About what to visit in the Triângulo, you will find many suggestions, contacts and photos at www.visitazores.com. Don't miss the “three in one” opportunity to see the entire Triangle.