Lava Homes

Magma restaurant is integrated in the Lava Homes resort, created to provide catering services to its guests but also open to the general public. It is a homely restaurant, with people used to making homemade food.

It has a varied menu, with some regional dishes typical of Pico - fried Lapas, Sausage and Black pudding or Favas das Festas as a starter, and Albacora in the oven for the main course. This menu allows the traveler to taste our delicacies, prepared by those who know well.

On the other hand, we also wanted to try some different dishes, such as the Sopa Rica de Peixe  Aveiro area style, or our now famous very tender steaks with Verdelho sauce. or with honey incense sauce, to give tourists an alternative choice and to satisfy the curiosity of the taste buds of the people here. Come try it out!

São Roque do Pico

  • Adega do Caisinho

Address: Rua do Canto n°16, 9940-185 Terra Alta
Phone: +351 292 642 143

      • Adega Açoriana

      Address: Rua da Poça Branca, Prainha, 9940-040 Prainha
      Phone: +351 292 655 211

      • Pico na Brasa

      Endereço: São Roque do Pico
      Telefone: +351 965 119 064


        • Ancoradouro

        Address: Madalena
        Phone: +351 292 623 490

          • O Petisca

          Address: Av. Father Nunes da Rosa 9950, Madalena
          Phone: +351 292 622 357

          • Azores wine Company

          Address: Rua do Poço Velho nº34, 9950-054 Bandeiras
          Phone: +351 918 266 989

          • Garrafeira da Vila

          Address: Rua Engenheiro Álvaro de Freitas 1B, 9950-335 Madalena
          Phone: +351 292 623 176

          • Cella Bar

            Address: Rua Da Barca, 9950-303 Madalena
            Phone: +351 292 623 654

            Lajes do Pico

            • Font Tavern

            Address: R. Cap. Mor Garcia Gonçalves Madruga 26B, 9930-129
            Phone: +351 292 241 225

                • Aldeia da Fonte

                Address: 9930-177 Lajes do Pico
                Phone: +351 292 679 500

                • Espaço Talassa

                Address: Rua dos Baleeiros, 9930-143 Lajes do Pico
                Phone: +351 292 672 010

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