through the union of body and soul, heart and mind.

A journey with nature, arts, tantra and shamanic practices.

Day of Earth - Landing into our nature and the beautiful island of Pico. Connecting with others.

 Day of Sun and Moon - I am, I feel (connecting with your essence and purpose - the inner compass

and intuition)

Day of Saturn and Jupiter - from challenges to mastery and expansion (removing old limiting beliefs

and installing new empowering ones, amplifying your manifestation and co-creation abilities)

Day of Venus and Mars - exploring how we love and act - (the balance between feminine and

masculine energy for more harmonious relationships)

Day of Mercury and Transpersonal Planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) - Authentic expression of

being. The union of the heart and mind to magnify your deep infinite power. Integration with the divine:

and how we can bring our otherworldly gifts onto this Earth