Reconnection Retreat

We invite you to have 5 days of deep reconnection in the Azores on the Island of Pico, one of the most beautiful nature destinations in the world, in the idyllic LAVA HOMES high end resort.

Through a variety of mind and body practices with the guidance of a highly talented and sensitive sound healer, we create a space for you to increase your energy levels and physical competences as well as magnify your creative potential and tune into the best version of yourself.

The retreat is designed for those who want to bring movement and grounding to their lives and be in contact with nature.

The retreat will be adapted to everyone's needs.

Experience how life and energy can flow better when you transition from stagnation to movement.

Empower yourself, increase your energy through movement, disconnect from technology, reunite to your higher self, reconnect to your body and your feelings, enjoy nature, ground your body and give life to your feelings, nourish your body and soul with healthy and delicious food and just have a good time.

You will be able to experience...


    • Daily sessions of GYROKINESIS, a movement system with principles of Yoga, Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung, that gently awakens and stimulates your mind and body
    • Daily YOGA practice adapted to each one of you
    • SOUND HEALING group sessions to lower your levels of stress and anxiety
    • ECSTATIC DANCE session to liberate your full expression and clear away mental,physical and emotional stagnation
    • CACAO CEREMONY to open your heart and feel the deep inner and transpersonal connection thus awakening your energy centers( chakras)
    • Introduction to SELF MASSAGE practice to increase your energy flow and sharpen your senses
    • MINDFUL WALKS  and hikes in the mesmerizing surrounding landscapes. Walking gracefully and wisely on the earth is one of the great meditative practices. Just as in sitting meditation, where attention is brought to the rhythmic pattern of breathing, in walking meditation, mindfulness is cultivated by resting the attention on sensations of the body as one walks
    • Amazing HEALTHY FOOD
    • Detox smoothie WORKSHOP


    Retreat Price: EARLY BIRD - Bookings are done 30 days before the retreat starts.


    SeaView / Garden View , Living Room Full sea View

    1.161€ Total *

    SeaView / Garden View , Living Room Full sea View

    981€ Total*

    * Price per Person, Retreat, Accomodation, Meals and Transfers, all included

    Retreat Price: Bookings done within last 30 days before Retreat starts


    SeaView / Garden View , Living Room Full sea View

    1.290€ Total *


    SeaView / Garden View , Living Room Full sea View

    1.090€ Total *

    * Price per Person, Retreat, Accomodation, Meals and Transfers, all included

    Meals: Nourish Yourself

    All meals will be brought to you by Restaurant Magma's team and is included in the price. 

    Our food food aim is to nourish and ignite vitality, perceiving nutrition holistically, as everything you intake and considering different latitudes of food. 

    Mostly plant-based, although, with no fundamentalisms, eco-friendly and sustainable, respecting zero waste philosophy, concentrating on local, seasonal, and fresh products.


    Bernardo Gama

    My name is Bernardo. From an early age I was interested in movement.

    In my adolescence I had to wear an orthopedic brace to correct a series of deviations in the spine. Classical dance was then an aid to "help" to straighten my back. There were very few boys who went to the Dance Conservatory at that time. Only those who liked to dance very much went there... such was my case. I realized then that, sometimes, a difficulty can become an ally that teaches us something.

    I was lucky to have danced in important dance companies such as Ballet Gulbenkian (PT), Cullberg Ballet (Swe) and Grupo Corpo (BR). Dancing gave me resilience, rigor as well as some injuries.

    It was these injuries that led me to discover the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® (a holistic and integrative method that has its principles in Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung).

    It's been 20 years and I'm still studying the method. I became a trainer and my thirst for knowledge took me to other areas of somatic education. Over the years I have been involved in art teaching and therapeutic movement.

    I did a Master’s in Dance and Performance at the University of Lisbon. I actively strive to dissolve barriers and connect people with and without disabilities through dance and movement. With that in mind, I took the Danceability® course, a method that promotes inclusion through dance.

    My approach to movement is mainly based on the sensorial and energetic aspect. In order to transmit and share my love for movement, I co-created Espaço Equilibrium, a center for somatic techniques and well-being, located in Lisbon.

    I am committed to bringing the love of moving with intelligence and open heart to more people. In this way we can become more grounded so we can fully express all our human potential.




    To describe Momo in one word, it would be - HEART.

    Momo's medicine is his ability to bring the energy in a space into deep Heart-connection. He guides with softness and simplicity and creates an environment that feels true and safe for those in it.

    He serves his purpose of connecting people to their Heart through Sound Healing, Inner Child Activation, Embodied Heart Connection (a practice he developed which combines Movement, Conscious Intimacy and Breathwork), through creating deep Ecstatic Dance journeys and through Sacred Cacao Ceremonies.

    Momo has a profound relationship with the plant medicine of Cacao, and is dedicated to serving Her in his very unique way.

    His deep commitment to the Way of Love is expanded by being a loving father to two beautiful Light Beings and he pours out this Love into every thing he does.

    Momo has been dedicated fully to offering his medicine since 2017.

    He facilitates and plays for thousands of people per year in Portugal as well as abroad.

    Instagram @coracaodecacaupt

    Carolina Pizarro

    Passionate about nature, philosophy and freedom, was born in Lisbon in 1991. From an early age she dedicated herself to Painting, Music and Yoga - she considers this to be the trinity that makes her express everything she is.

    In 2013 she started teaching Yoga and co-founded the music project MERU where she intuitively composes, sings, plays sitar, adufe, native american flute, among others. Carolina created the project The Sarasvati Experience, a group experience in a circle, of transmuting the dense physical body to the subtle body, combining yoga techniques, guided relaxation, sound journey, mantras, painting and meditation.

    She currently lives in Ericeira by the atlantic ocean, teaches regular yoga classes, and from time to time gives sound journeys, concerts and workshops on breathing, mantra or painting. Through her work, she feels the mission to awaken in others awareness, sensitivity, compassion, healing and creativity.

    Isa Guitana

    For more than 20 years Isa has been dedicating her daily presence to share tradtional Ashtanga Yoga with each student to cross her path, supporting their inner journey with her playful heart and faithful dedication to inspire them to unravel their deepest potential within. From the moment she discovered her practice, she knew it would challenge her and open her heart to bring new levels of growth for a lifetime. 

    She spent 10 years travelling to India to practice under the guidance of Shri K Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath Jois and was among the first Portuguese teachers to be Authorized by the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. 

    Isa lives in Portugal with her family and teaches at beautiful locations in Lisbon & Cascais, after closing the amazing Casa Vinyasa, the first Ashtanga Yoga Shala in Portugal that was open 16 years. Over the years Isa has taught throughout Portugal, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Isa has been teaching and performing at several international festivals like Boom, Being, Wanderlust and Portugal Spirit Festival. 

    In addition to the Ashtanga practice, Isa also uses her singing voice as a tool for healing and transmutation through the study and chanting of the Yoga Sutras, traditional Indian devotional Bhajans and guided Yoga Nidras, deep relaxation. She just released the double Album BHAKTI - Mantras & Meditations, along with Cuca Roseta and Rute Caldeira.

    Christian Klettner

    Being a Physiotherapist since 2004 and having worked in the German healthcare system for over 12 years, I gathered a lot of experience in helping people to recover from various problems. Early on I discovered my passion for working with hands-on techniques and got aware of how complex the patterns which cause pain often times are. To deepen my understanding of how the systems in our body work to recover and heal and to improve my skills to facilitate and support this process, I studied Osteopathic Manual Therapy and Cranio-Sacral-Therapy. This soft, holistic concepts try to rebalance the body and the psycho-emotional systems so our body can reorganise and heal itself. By regulating muscle tension, bone alignment, nerve system and blood flow with soft and non-violent techniques, the bodies own healing abilities get activated and pain, often caused by inflammation, disappears. Stress gets reduced and also the psycho-emotional pressure can be released.

    Healing is an essential capability of us! In my opinion a good therapist has to have the skill to listen to theHealing is an essential capability of us! In my opinion a good therapist has to have the skill to listen to the body, understand the pattern of the problem and give just enough impulses so the system starts to reorganise itself. body, understand the pattern of the problem and give just enough impulses so the system starts to reorganise itself.

    Renata Estevez

    Renata Estevez studied Humanistic Clinical Psychology. She developed the technique of Psychomassage and has dedicated herself to mind-body therapies, Somatic Experience and body-trauma since 2008.

    She teaches Psychomassage and also works as a trainer in the Body Psychotherapy Theory and Techniques course held by the Portuguese Centre of Reichian Studies in Lisbon.
    Renata is trained by MAPS as an Entheogenic Therapist since 2014 and she has been working in this field since 2018, exploring its potential when combined with somatic work.

    Psychomassage©️ is an instrument of body psychotherapy that seeks to harmonize the body’s energy flows, helping to release muscular armour and consequently its emotional movements, thus allowing access to the most essential aspects of being.

    The body reveals itself as a map of the psyche, where the conscious and unconscious content is imprinted. Each body has a story to tell, and it is in light of its historical context that a body reading is possible.

    In each individual, the energy flow of the body manifests itself differently. The unique dimensions of each body are analysed and interpreted psychosomatically through the quantum of energy flow (heavier or lighter) and the quality of the life energy: the shape and characteristics of the body itself, such as posture, temperature, skin colour, breathing pattern, fluidity of movement, tension and muscle contractures, quality of rendering and relaxation, permeability and responsiveness to change. This information is contextualized in the emotional, physical and psychological background of each patient.


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