Meet Yourself Retreat

In these 5 days, you will have the opportunity to stop and rest, to feel and heal, and to finally nourish yourself.

  • Yoga classes will bring a sense of balance and union.
  • Different types o Breathwork that will allow you to come back to your purest essence, improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  • Qi gong practices, movements that will help yu, strengthening and stretching the body, increasing fluid movement
  • A Cacau ceremony to dive into an incredible healing journey
  • Massage Therapies will restore you and bring a deep feeling of relaxation (available at an extra fee)
  • Amazing healthy food

During the retreat, we will also have the opportunity to hike and discover some of the magic natural spots of this island!

    You will be able to experience...

    This retreat takes place on one of the most unique islands in the world, surrounded by lush nature and under Portugal's tallest mountain.


    We invite you for 5 days of deep reconnection in the Azores, at an idyllic high-end resort on the Island of Pico, one of the most beautiful nature destinations in the world!

    Empower yourself, increase your energy through movement, disconnect from technology, reunite with your higher self, reconnect to your body and your feelings, enjoy nature, ground down, give life to your feelings, and nourish your body and soul with healthy and delicious food and just have a good time!


    Enjoy daily Yoga classes, balancing body, mind, and spirit.

    Tap into Breathwork rituals that will connect you with all elements and with your true essence, giving you a blissful feeling of union.

    During this beautiful retreat, you will have the chance to experience different types of movement, transforming rituals and ceremonies and to explore the gorgeous nature surrounding us.


      Prices and Reservations

      Retreat Price: EARLY BIRD - Bookings are done 30 days before the retreat starts.


      Full SeaView

      1.680€ Total *

      Partial sea view / garden view

      1.520€ Total *

      * Retreat, Accomodation, Meals and Transfers, all included

      Retreat Price: Bookings done within last 30 days before Retreat starts


      Full SeaView

      2.100€ Total *

      Partial sea view / garden view

      1.900€ Total *

      * Retreat, Accomodation, Meals and Transfers, all included

      Meals: Nourish Yourself

      Meals will be brought to your by Francisco Basílio.

      Francisco's food aim is to nourish and ignite vitality, percieving nutrition holisticly, as everything you intake and considering different latitudes of food.

      Mostly plant Based, although with no fundamentalisms, his kitchen is eco friendly and sustanable, respecting zero waste philosophy, concentrated on local, seasonal and fresh products, giving preference to what he calls nutraceuticals - low mass to a high concentration of nutrients, in order to promote energy instead of wasting it during its digestion.

      Francisco follows Ayurvedic principles such as "we are not what we eat but what we diggest" and therefore promoting Agni - primordial fire; is a constant factor on his gastronomic line.

      His cooking can also be described as international, inspired on different cultures and techniques, from Ayurvedic, Japan, midle east to a vegetarian re intrepertation of Portuguese gastronomy.

      Francisco sees cooking as an act of love and promoting cosnciousness, being food, as well, a veichle for cultural wisdom, activism, medicine and Art.



      Giuseppe is an holisctic heatlh practitioner in a belief that our bodies are the house of our soul for us to evolve in human experiences. 

      In his work, he keeps them company in one´s healing journey to rebalance their body and mind through movements and contact with nature and body. 

      He trained for Thai massage and medicinal herbs in Chiang Mai and has been practising Transcendental Meditation for four years.

      Dulce Machado

      Dulce Machado was born in 1981 in São Miguel, currently lives in Pico and has 3 children, considers herself a citizen of the world. 


      Graduated in Sport Sciences and Physical Education. She was a high-competition athlete for 8 years in a team sport, having won several national titles. 


      After the end of her career, she dedicated herself to the practice of fusion activities: promoting activities that merge body and mind, where stretching exercises, postures and breathing share a space dedicated to self-care.

      Austėja Liu

      Austèja is driven by the light, nature and connection – invites you to dive deeper into self and present moment using the tools of photographic experience, ceremonial cacao, exploration of nature. 


      The calling is to refocus on the light, to be guided by the heart, and to create space for harmonious dance of one’s existence.

      Francisco Basilio, a Chef - a Gastronaut and a Surfer.

      Francisco Basilio was born in Portugal, Lisbon, and started studying psychology after high school, but soon realised that transforming reading nature into food cook was his thing, as it would place him between men and nature, being able to create synergy, balance and art and understanding agriculture, chemistry, and health. Soon he starts to travel around the world learning new cultures, gastronomic landscapes and techniques. At the age of 25 he travelled to India by mistake, or happy incident, and got acquainted with Indian Cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine.

      Can’t miss a opportunity to have a chat with the goats pastor and check were are the best waves in the moment.

      Always very respectful towards Ayurvedic medicine, practice the received ancestral knowledge through cooking and conversations.

      After experiencing living in multiple parts of the world, now shares the love of living in his small farm with his wife, daughter and animals.

      Cooking is an act of Love, bringing together people realities – culture, health and Art/creativity as a form of (self)healing.



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